SCSI2SD V5.2 is an evolution of the SCSI2SD V5.1 design, and is largely identical, with the notable exception of the removal of the DB25 connector area, and associated traces, which were found to cause problems in certain corner cases. We chose to remove it to increase compatibility.

In the PCB space that was reclaimed by removing the DB25 connector area, we've replaced it with a presently-unused SPI interface pin headers. Future firmware versions will enable additional functionality.

Other new features of V5.2 include:

  • Addition of an unpopulated connector area, P202, for a DC barrel jack, to be used in conjunction with a regulated 5 volt DC supply.
  • Addition of an unpopulated full-size USB-B connector area, which allows users to replace the micro USB socket with a full sized USB-B connector. Occasionally, we've had customers snap off their micro USB connectors, and this makes it difficult or impossible to re-configure the board afterwards, particularly if the USB traces on the PCB were damaged. Now, with V5.2, if this were to happen, a board can be saved/salvaged by soldering on a through-hole USB-B connector.